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The Story of our Teacher!


  Master Pultro is a man of incredible martial talent and as such has an incredible history in the martial arts. Master Pultro has a number of different ranks in different styles such as: 9th Dan Kardo Jitsu Ryu, 6th Dan Tae Kwon Do, 5th Dan Keichu Do. Master Pultro also has his Master's Degree in Physical Education from Temple University among many other accomplishments in his life. Master Pultro is not only a martial arts expert he is first and foremost a devout believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has been a pastor in the city of Philadelphia for nearly 22 years.  The fire that God has placed in Master Pultro's life has carried on to many of his students, and led them to salvation in the Lord.  As he has always led his martial arts ministry with the principles of Christianity, Master Pultro continues his sharing of Jesus first then his physical skill.

 (Photo taken at Dundalk Community Center. PADA's Ireland Outreach week in Dundalk, Ireland: July 2006).

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